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Domaine Belluard – Le Feu – White – 2012

Domaine Belluard – Le Feu – White – 2012

Le Feu – 2012

Old native grape variety of Savoie

Le Feu 2012 Vintage : 2012Colour : White

Wine of Savoie AOP

Grape(s) Variety(ies)

100 % Gringet Old native grape variety of Savoie.

Late maturing variety.


A terroir with a very particular geology:Sediments of glacier waterfalls, made up of red clay rich in iron aluminium oxide.There are vines on very sloping floor (slope of over 40%). Height: 450m.A remarkable exposure at the roof of the typicality of his wine. Exposure: South-East.

Plot yield: 35HL/Ha.


Hand-operated harvest. Pneumatic pressing (very soft).Traditional vignification and grape growing: alcoholic and malolactic fermentation with native bacteria and yeasts.60% of the growing is carried out in egg-shaped concrete vats.Rough filtration on white earth.

Total content of SO2: less than 30 mgr/L.

Tasting Notes

Floral and fruity nose. Mouth dominated by exotic fruits (citrus fruits) and white peach, with a minty hint which brings freshness and minerality, and in the end fineness and balance.Preservation: 6 to 10 years.

Service temperature: 12 °C (45 °F).


The “Feu” is one of the most beautiful terroirs of Ayse, where the Gringet finds one if its greatest expressions.